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Forum affiliates
Ditana Tesoni EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 8:07 pm by Admin
These are our sister sites that we recommend you check out! We will list them here! If you have any you would like us to add please reply to this or message us!

  • HSRP- A homestuck rp site run by the same Admin as Liita!
  • Avatar: The Next Resolution- An avatar rp site based 100 years after LOK run by the same Admin as Liita!

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Character Template
Ditana Tesoni EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 8:56 pm by Admin
Full Name: Remember if your character is Japanese, they will have Japanese names! If they are not any bit, Japanese DO NOT give them a Japanese name! "My charrie has blonde hair and blue eyes~~~! And her name is Akito Tamama!" DON'T DO IT! Also, if your character(s) name is Japanese, please include translation and Kanji!
Physical …

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Rules for the Site
Ditana Tesoni EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:32 pm by Admin
1 ) Be nice to one another! Regardless of position, be respectful!

2 ) Keep language to a minimum. Please do not use the F-Word every sentence keep it at 13+ age difference.

3 ) Do not spam or troll. This includes Cyber bullying. Please tell a mod or admin if this is happening and we will take care of it.

4 ) If you have another user or rule please PM the MAIN Admin and I will take …

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PostSubject: Ditana Tesoni   Ditana Tesoni EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 1:44 pm

Full Name: Ditana Tesoni
Nickname(s): Dits
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthdate: May 17, 1997
Age: 16
Physical appearance: Ditana’s rather tall, standing at 6’7 - with a thin, scraggy looking frame that’s mostly built up muscle that doesn’t show much under her skin. Her skin is light brown and her left hand has bite marks from her strange habit of biting herself when she’s bored from when she was younger.  She’s stopped doing that now - but it’s not much of a surprise to find her doing that old habit again when she’s bored and hungry.
She seems to have a much more boyish appearance than what would be considered normal, despite the long mess of wild hair that trails down her back and covers one of her eyes. Someone could look at her and think that she’s just some teenage boy that’s never heard of a hair cut. Her canines are somewhat longer than normal, by most standards, but are really just dull points that seem to be there for nothing more than mouth decoration. Her dark blue eyes have bags under them from what seems to be from lack of sleep.
Ditana tends to wear a dark green shirt and dark blue-verging on black- baggy jeans with several unneeded pockets that lay under the normal two. From the look of her hair it seems she’s never heard of a comb or brush either from the way it stands in every direction known to man with little to no sign of management for it, the it still manages to fall down to the small of her back somehow.

Personality: She’s pretty chill about most things, mostly the type to just let things slide off her back like water on a rock. But she’s also kind of an ass hole, not to meantion stubborn. She likes to start a fight against anyone who looks like they can hold their own and picks on people who are weaker for no reason other than entertainment. She the person that you can really tell she doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t personally affect her.
Surprisingly(or maybe unsurprisingly) she can be rather protective of anything that she considers hers, if one of those things just happen to be a person, they’re still hers. But she’s surprisingly not as bossy or obsessive as one might think and will back off if she’s told to.
Other than that she likes to smoke and bums a stick when the opportunity presents itself. Ditana’s a bit of a mess of bad habits really. She also carries a bottle of prescription pain pills with her, she suffers from chronic headaches and muscle pains. And she curses… a lot. Her words also run into each other in her really awful street dialect. EX: “Ya know what? Fuck you and all of dis’hit got goin’ on!”

Background: She doesn’t have much of a family life and currently in a foster home until she’s 18. Ditana’s honestly allowed to do whatever she wants, so long as she doesn’t get kicked out of school[and she doesn’t need to keep her grades up higher than a D] her guardian doesn’t care much beyond that. Before she was in this home she belonged to a small gang in really bad neighborhood. They were mostly just a couple of street punks that got into fist fights but Ditana managed to keep a BB-gun she snatched from one of the other members before being shipped off to her new home.
Her only real attachment is a street cat that follows her around and runs off when she’s a block away from her house. She doesn’t get it, but she likes having him around. She even named him Ethan at some point, because he looks like an Ethan.

Close relationships: Ethan[AKA the cat] that’s it
Current occupation: NONE
Strengths: Hand-to-Hand Fighting, Accuracy [pistols only], Not losing her cool easily, Quick learner, and Knows how to handle animals
Weaknesses: Bad social skills, Can barely function without her meds, and Showing any sign of initiative unless she thinks something is really important
Fears/Insecurities: That she’ll hurt someone she cares about, Being/feeling vulnerable/helpless
Likes: Being alone, flipping people off, getting into fights, hanging out around the city, drawing, music, and messing with people
Dislikes: Being smothered, Pushy people, Sleeping, Being hungry
Driving force: To piss everyone off because she can [she wants some attention]
Hobbies: Solving puzzles and riddles, listening to some rock and metal bands, hacking into websites and bank accounts from other people’s laptops, and lurking around the city
Pet Peeves: Clingy people, whiney people, anyone who she thinks is stupid

What they are looking for in a boy/girlfriend: Just someone who’s there for her and isn’t pushy or needy or a bigger ass hole than she is. She likes people who are soft and cute, but won’t go near anyone who’s anything beyond that for any reason.

What they are not looking for in a boy/girlfriend: Like I said: Push, needy, and a bigger ass hole than she is. She doesn’t like arrogant people, or someone who’s dependant. Really, she just doesn’t like anyone who’ll stress her out more than needed.

Describe your character in three words: Fighting street punk

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A helicopter and enough fuel to fly to the Bahamas.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: That she had cooler sneakers… oh you meant herself? Na, she thinks she’s awesome.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Soda, chips, junk food, meat, and microwaveable TV dinners

Other: She’s the human version of my homestuck OC
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PostSubject: Re: Ditana Tesoni   Ditana Tesoni EmptyWed Apr 16, 2014 12:34 pm

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Ditana Tesoni
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