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Vampires (Wip) EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 8:07 pm by Admin
These are our sister sites that we recommend you check out! We will list them here! If you have any you would like us to add please reply to this or message us!

  • HSRP- A homestuck rp site run by the same Admin as Liita!
  • Avatar: The Next Resolution- An avatar rp site based 100 years after LOK run by the same Admin as Liita!

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Character Template
Vampires (Wip) EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 8:56 pm by Admin
Full Name: Remember if your character is Japanese, they will have Japanese names! If they are not any bit, Japanese DO NOT give them a Japanese name! "My charrie has blonde hair and blue eyes~~~! And her name is Akito Tamama!" DON'T DO IT! Also, if your character(s) name is Japanese, please include translation and Kanji!
Physical …

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Rules for the Site
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1 ) Be nice to one another! Regardless of position, be respectful!

2 ) Keep language to a minimum. Please do not use the F-Word every sentence keep it at 13+ age difference.

3 ) Do not spam or troll. This includes Cyber bullying. Please tell a mod or admin if this is happening and we will take care of it.

4 ) If you have another user or rule please PM the MAIN Admin and I will take …

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 Vampires (Wip)

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PostSubject: Vampire Culture structure (Open to editing from Admin Classy)   Vampires (Wip) EmptyWed Aug 19, 2015 7:58 pm

Interitio Vampires (destruction/removal/annihilation/dissolution/extinction/ruin Vampires): These are vampires that kill for the sake and fun of killing. Some of these rarely kill their victim only for feeding.

Admordeo Vampires (Bite at/Bleed Vampires): These are vampires that kill their victims by feeding, this is usually caused by a lack of self-control or lack of discipline and teachings.

Messis Vampires (Harvest/Crop Vampires): These are vampires that have designated humans or cause humans to pass out to feed on them. They kill their animal prey. These vampires do not kill their victims. This is the type of vampire feeding method the council wishes all to follow to keep attention from the vampires.

The Concilium is a council made up of a large number of Vampires who represent each continent or coven of the world. They are those who create the law of the vampire world and insist that all vampires follow the rules.

The Legiuncula is the vampire army and police force they are spilt into Legio (Army) and Dominion (Police force). The Legio is a set of drafted vampires who live in covens. Those who are not in covens are not required to sign draft papers. The Dominion are the vampire police they enforce the council laws. They are always aware of any large vampire gatherings and are always present to make sure nothing is being done wrong or rules are not broke.

1. You may not enter a claimed space unless you have been invited or that space is empty of claim, the last way would to be have taken some blood from the one who owns the space. This includes homes and cars. Invitations can be revoked.
2. You must do everything in your power to keep vampires a secret from humanity. Only consorts of blood (humans which you feed on) may know. If they are no longer your consort they must have their memory changed.
3. You must not put others in your coven in danger of physical or social harm. If this does happen then you are held responsible for your actions.
4. If you have sired a vampire you must take full responsibility for them. If you abandon your sired vampire you will be punished greatly as no mentor of a new born may cause the new born to be unable the control of their hunger.
5. You may not kill another vampire. You must allow the council to take responsibility for this crime and will punish this vampire.
6. If you are found to be a Interitio Vampire you shall be punished because if you must kill, the kill must be done to feed only.
7. You are not allowed to Sire anyone under the age of 19 as this can cause them to be trapped in a young body as their minds grow older and their hunger will not stop as it will be stronger to keep them youthful than that of an older vampire.
8. You must not spend more than 10 years in any one location, unless it is isolated from a human population. When you move it must be some place distant. You will not return to your previous settlement for a minimum of 80 years.
9. You will not take blood from people who take cocaine, speed or other addictive drugs.
10. If the accused vampire of a crime is in a coven. The accuser may request council with the leader, only then may the coven leader decide whether to have a trial conducted upon a coven member.
11. Only leaders of a coven are allowed to order the death of a human.
12. You must not sire any one is unable to care for themselves. Such as a crippled individual, but if they have been mortally wounded by either illness or injury than you may change them to save them from certain death.

The Low council (one representative each area)
Bellator (Warrior) Council member: A woman who resides over all female only covens in a given area.
Nutricor (Nurture) Council member: Can be either a man or woman who resides over all covens that specialize in the teaching and mentoring of new borns in a given area. These members are usually sent out by councils to help troubled new borns who's sire has died or abandoned them.
Fortifico (Strengthen) Council member: A man who resides over all male only covens in a given area.
Medium (Community) Council member:   Can be either a man or a woman who reside over a gender mix of men and women covens in a given area.

The Grand Council has one person who resides over each of these. That means there is only four members on the council.
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PostSubject: Vampires (Wip)   Vampires (Wip) EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 2:08 pm

This is where all info on vampires and their culture can be found.

  • Ash, hawthorn, or oak stakes: Can paralyze or burn while
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Vampires (Wip)
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