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Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 8:07 pm by Admin
These are our sister sites that we recommend you check out! We will list them here! If you have any you would like us to add please reply to this or message us!

  • HSRP- A homestuck rp site run by the same Admin as Liita!
  • Avatar: The Next Resolution- An avatar rp site based 100 years after LOK run by the same Admin as Liita!

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Character Template
Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 8:56 pm by Admin
Full Name: Remember if your character is Japanese, they will have Japanese names! If they are not any bit, Japanese DO NOT give them a Japanese name! "My charrie has blonde hair and blue eyes~~~! And her name is Akito Tamama!" DON'T DO IT! Also, if your character(s) name is Japanese, please include translation and Kanji!
Physical …

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Rules for the Site
Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:32 pm by Admin
1 ) Be nice to one another! Regardless of position, be respectful!

2 ) Keep language to a minimum. Please do not use the F-Word every sentence keep it at 13+ age difference.

3 ) Do not spam or troll. This includes Cyber bullying. Please tell a mod or admin if this is happening and we will take care of it.

4 ) If you have another user or rule please PM the MAIN Admin and I will take …

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 Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)

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R. Druid

R. Druid

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Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) Empty
PostSubject: Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)   Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 11:24 pm

Full Name: Hiru(昼) McManus-Sakura(桜)

Nickname(s): Hiru, deartháir (irish for brother), rós lann, the blade rose.
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Birthdate: june 24th, 1994
Age: 20
Physical appearance: Hiru has a pale Japanese face and calm hazel eyes, hidden beneath black lanky hair, which reach's his shoulders and shadows his eyes occasionally. he also dresses very hipster, often with his pair of horn rimmed glasses and his dark hair twined through with small lines of thread and rope. when walking round, he dons a fedora like cap, all designer. though he dresses extremely well, he doesn't draw attention to the clothes, making them appear comfortably casual most of the time. Hiru stands at a gangly 5'8" and 160 pounds, most of it wiry muscle.
beyond the clothes, Hiru is often seen with a long dark blue and black cloth case which contains his katana, and has a green dragon tattoo on a Celtic knot on the inside of his left arm.
when he's in school, he wears the standard uniform, though with the modification of a black and blue rose emblem on his breast pocket
Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)

Personality: when you meet Hiru, he seems like a calm, yet exuberant guy, often flashing smiles, winking conspicuously, and cracking subtle jokes and puns. at first glance, he might seems to be a joker  s frivolous speaker and jester.
you'd be wrong.
Hiru's mind is insanely political, and if your in his classes of history an politics with him, you'll notice how much he debates things with his teachers and other students, he's a thinker, but more importantly leads others to think of things differently, often changing another's perspectives.
and if you deep, there's a dark ball of regret and sorrow, the core of what drives him.
"I plan to burn bright, and burn hot. if it kills me, then I will be remembered in the darkness I leave behind, waiting for the next Icarus. this I promise you" (Hiru to jack on evening, when they were being introspective.)

Background: years ago, Hiru's father died of a heart attack, and Hiru was the one who found him.
he was 12.
the next few years marked some bad times, with his father gone, his mom had to run the family, Hiru slowly began to deteriorate a bit. he fell into a slow sepression, becoming introverted. then an.... Incident occurred.
after some time in therapy, he found that he needed an outlet, and took up kendo. soon after, his mother married Mallory, and he became brothers with jack. he has spent the years since recovering, striving to prove himself.

Close relationships: Mom(Mei Sakura) stepfather(Mallory McManus) and his step brother, Jonathan McManus
Current occupation (if applicable): 2nd year college student, and part time industrial designer.
Strengths: finesse with his hands, master of a free-formed Kendo style, an amazing industrial artist, using metal and glass to make sculptures and jewelry, a good cook and there's one more thing... OH YEAH, his mother is rich and he has a massive trust fund that re recently invested back onto his personal savings.
Weaknesses: Hiru is vulnerable to Bouts of depression, has a deep seated sense of vengeance (aka, hurt a family or friend of Hiru, you will be dealt with. viciously) which he is somewhat ashamed of due to an... incident several years ago
Fears/Insecurities: that he's going to do something stupid, and hurt his friends and family.
Likes: Artistry, welding, cooking, kendo, and drumming, which he can do passably.
Dislikes: smokers, dishonest people, ass holes, other rich kids, the systems in place politically and governmentally in japan.
Driving force: a sense of personal redemption, which Hiru's been chasing for almost 5 years now.
Hobbies: kendo, and drumming are the big ones. but he does enjoy his job.
Pet Peeves: he has one big one. DON'T SMOKE! it sickens him, he can't stand the smell of it.

What they are looking for in a boy/girlfriend: some one willing to be active, to change and contest their points of view, to go against the system and society when its needed.

What they are not looking for in a boy/girlfriend: a stagnant boring personality. contentment, religion.

Describe your character in three words: Dark rebellious Façade.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: a raft and a fishing pole.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?: he doesn't like his "scars", so if he could he'd get rid of them.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?: Fresh ingredients from the local market, and left overs that jack hasn't eaten yet.

Face claim-  
Voice claim-
Theme song/Love song:(theme) One republic- "counting stars" (love) The Fray, "Love don't die"

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R. Druid

R. Druid

Posts : 280
Points : 305
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Join date : 2014-04-01

Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)   Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) EmptyWed Apr 23, 2014 8:41 pm

ready to be approve I believe.
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Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)   Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) EmptyWed Apr 23, 2014 10:11 pm

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Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)   Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!) Empty

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Hiru McManus-Sakura (FINISHED!)
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