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Forum affiliates
Ethan Faris EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 8:07 pm by Admin
These are our sister sites that we recommend you check out! We will list them here! If you have any you would like us to add please reply to this or message us!

  • HSRP- A homestuck rp site run by the same Admin as Liita!
  • Avatar: The Next Resolution- An avatar rp site based 100 years after LOK run by the same Admin as Liita!

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Character Template
Ethan Faris EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 8:56 pm by Admin
Full Name: Remember if your character is Japanese, they will have Japanese names! If they are not any bit, Japanese DO NOT give them a Japanese name! "My charrie has blonde hair and blue eyes~~~! And her name is Akito Tamama!" DON'T DO IT! Also, if your character(s) name is Japanese, please include translation and Kanji!
Physical …

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Rules for the Site
Ethan Faris EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:32 pm by Admin
1 ) Be nice to one another! Regardless of position, be respectful!

2 ) Keep language to a minimum. Please do not use the F-Word every sentence keep it at 13+ age difference.

3 ) Do not spam or troll. This includes Cyber bullying. Please tell a mod or admin if this is happening and we will take care of it.

4 ) If you have another user or rule please PM the MAIN Admin and I will take …

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PostSubject: Ethan Faris   Ethan Faris EmptyFri Dec 26, 2014 5:59 pm

Full name:
Ethan Faris

Ethel, Ethie



July 3rd


Physical appearance:
Ethan takes after his mother more than his father. He has his father's tan skin but his mother's blonde hair and her dark eyes. From all the training he has been put through he has gained muscle everywhere. His hair is close cut but has grown-out a bit due to him not liking to cut it all that often. Plus Evelyn is the only one he likes to cut his hair, so there's that too. He stands at 5 ft 9 ins and weighs 167 lbs. He really doesn't have much about him that is unsual or makes him stand out. He likes wearing comfy clothing when around the house, usually just loose sweatpants and a loose tanktop. When at work though he wears the standard police uniform and he looks sexier the more clothes he puts on (mainly just uniforms). He treats his uniform with pride.

Ethan has a sweet personality and is just very caring. Even when he was young he had an abnormal caring and sharing for a five year old. Most kids would fight over toys but he would give the toy to them. No one was really sure if this was if he was just really sweet or he was a coward and never wanted to fight. This trait carried over to being a teenager and later on into an adult. Ethan is the kind of cop you see helping old ladies cross the street or help rescue a cat. He likes using his money for families in need and he usually falls back on his father for financel support. Ethan is a late-bloomer to the dating scene as he never really developed crushes on girl, his main attraction of affection was his standoff-ish and depressed adopted sister. He saw the pain she went through and understood as he was still coping with the death of his own mother who was in the police force. When Ethan gets angry he becomes a crying mess as he doesn't understand how to control it easily and so people call him a sadass because of being cool when angry he cries. He is pretty much the opposite of Evelyn as he sees the world for the way it is and it makes him sad. He is very much the realist as he tries telling her that it will probably be impossible for her to find her mother's killer, which, sadly, ends with her slapping him in the face.

Since he has grown up Evelyn he is used to women ignoring him and just slapping him if he says something he doesn't like. He usually is okay with it when it comes from Evelyn as it is their special bond but when other women slap him he gets angry and feels very defensive of his bond. He knows she will probably never like her so he has decided to try and move on.

Ethan was born to a family of cops as it ran through the blood. His great grandfather's grandfather was a police commisioner in Dublin and it ran in the family from then, his mother's side were either lawyers, doctors, or police officers, his mother was the first woman in her family to be a cop. Ethan doesn't know much about his family other than that they have blue blood (police force running in their veins). Ethan's family has always been die-hards and take their occupations very seriously. Due to their love of the force they both met at a convention andd fell in love. His mother was a well-known police officer and was often an undercover cop. During one of her missions she was shot down by a gang leader of a ring where she was an undercover hooker. She was saved by one of infomants. When she arrived to the hospital she died during surgry as she had lost too much blood from the bullet wound. Soon after his wife's death, Thomas took leave and helped take of his son who was still having trouble with the death of his mother. He felt a year was a good amount of time to be away and as his first case he was appointed to the case of a young woman killed with her daughter as a witnessed. His father wasn't able to get her to speak to him, so he had Ethan talk to her, he spoke about the death of his mother and they bonded in a way. She began speaking to him about it and he finally developed a crush on the little girl named Evelyn. His father adopted Evelyn into their family as her father was said to be responsible for her muder. Evelyn's family didn't want her for different reasons and she became part of the Faris family. Ethan is currently working the same case his mother was. His informant is a young lady who works at a brothel, but he has no idea what lies there.

Close relationships:
Thomas Faris (Father), Alice Faris (Mother; Deceased), Evelyn Owen (Adoptive sister)

Current occupation (if applicable):
Police officer

Great aim, he is skilled in many different weapons, close range combat, strong, and smart.  

He's actually not all that fast, he can get distracted if there are children or women involved, he sometimes has trouble making rash desicions, and doesn't always do the logical thing.

That he'll die like his mother, that more of his family will die and there will be nothing he can do about it, he will have to kill someone to end a problem, and that all his work won't be worth it.

Helping people, tea, books, artwork, tv, and music.

Dirty cops, criminals, sketchy people, risky endevors, and driving.

Driving force:
To try and get his sister fall for him!

Reading, drinking tea, drawing, writing, doing reports, listening to the police radio, watching tv, and trying to look after his sister.

Pet Peeves:
People who don't follow the police code, someone who doesn't report crimes, and when someone doesn't report the severity level of something.

What are they looking for in a boy/girlfriend:
Someone a bit bossy and pretty dominant. Someone who has a personality similar to his sister.

What are they not looking for in a boy/girlfriend:  
A girl who is not at least a little be able to decide stuff.

Describe your character in three words:
Kind of clueless

If your character were stranded on an island could only bring two things with them, what would they be?:
His sister and his dad. That is all the things he needs to be happy.

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?:
The fact that he fell in love with Evelyn.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?:
The basics, milk, soda, and other stuff.


Face claim- Tetsuo Isozaki from Squid Girl

Voice Claim- N/A

Theme song/Love song:
Aha! by Imogen Heap (Theme Song)
StarStruck by 30h3! (Love Song)
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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Faris   Ethan Faris EmptyFri Dec 26, 2014 7:07 pm

Myes approved
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