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Forum affiliates
Arsuna Leckerman EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 8:07 pm by Admin
These are our sister sites that we recommend you check out! We will list them here! If you have any you would like us to add please reply to this or message us!

  • HSRP- A homestuck rp site run by the same Admin as Liita!
  • Avatar: The Next Resolution- An avatar rp site based 100 years after LOK run by the same Admin as Liita!

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Character Template
Arsuna Leckerman EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 8:56 pm by Admin
Full Name: Remember if your character is Japanese, they will have Japanese names! If they are not any bit, Japanese DO NOT give them a Japanese name! "My charrie has blonde hair and blue eyes~~~! And her name is Akito Tamama!" DON'T DO IT! Also, if your character(s) name is Japanese, please include translation and Kanji!
Physical …

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Rules for the Site
Arsuna Leckerman EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:32 pm by Admin
1 ) Be nice to one another! Regardless of position, be respectful!

2 ) Keep language to a minimum. Please do not use the F-Word every sentence keep it at 13+ age difference.

3 ) Do not spam or troll. This includes Cyber bullying. Please tell a mod or admin if this is happening and we will take care of it.

4 ) If you have another user or rule please PM the MAIN Admin and I will take …

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PostSubject: Arsuna Leckerman   Arsuna Leckerman EmptySat Jun 28, 2014 9:58 pm

Arsuna Leckerman Tumblr_mvetpn9gIZ1qbvovho1_500
Full Name:
Arsuna Leckerman

Her Young Lady Nightingale


She has no sexuality so that she may be able to eat any soul


A lady never does say her age but she appears to be anywhere from 16-20

Physical appearance:
Arsuna is short and thin. Even though she eats so much she never gains weight, she has a slight curvy figure but doesn't feel like changing her body figure to get more people to be attracted to her. She is barely 5 ft 2 but she is quite the strong young lady. She has light brown hair that is curly on the bottom is usually half-up half-down. She likes wearing Japanese inspired clothes and sweaters. When she goes swimming at the local swimming hole or beach she wears a frilly yellow swimsuit. When not in Japanese outfits she is wearing pretty frilly clothes and things with sweaters.

Arsuna is a very intelligent girl that hates having to deal with others. She likes taking the easy way out and doesn't do more than she has to but will if it'll insure she'll survive. She tries to have fun among the humans so she won't be killed by the angels and will seem human. Since Arsuna is a glutton demon she has an obsession with food. Her friends usually call her a pig but it doesn't bother her much. Even though she eats so much she never gains much weight since she works it off all the time. Her situation with family is a bit strained as they believe she should be taking training and become a high-ranked officer of Satan. She could careless about relationships but seems to gain crushes on the dark, broody demon type of guy. She seems to have a large vocabulary that she never uses and has a silver tongue which she uses to pressure humans to come with her to her apartment.

Arsuna is a demon who lives in America. She just happens to be living in the town that the events of the Demon King tournament is taking place. Due to the large amount of female demons joining she seems to be targeted more frequently for just being a female demon during the events of the tournament. Arsuna hates really having to fight and usually tries getting her meals with easy targeting, she usually dates them and then eats them or she just snatches them into an alley and eats their souls. Arsuna comes from a long line of demons who have powerful positions beside Satan and she just deflects the powerful jobs off to her brothers and sisters as she would rather not have to deal with that bull. She likes her cozy little apartment where she just happily drains souls with straws, she prefers curly straws since she can watch the soul go up the straw and 'dance'. Usually glutton demons of her rankings eat hundreds of people a year. She only eats a soul once a month but there is sometimes when she will eat a soul twice a month.

Close relationships:
Her Lady Amour (Mother), His Lord Roulette (Father), His Young Lord Douche (Eldest Brother), many other siblings not worthy of mentioning.

Current occupation (if applicable):
Part-time Cafe worker with Chance

Smart, fast, a silver tongue, and able to withstand lots of attacks.

Not very strong, has the habit of slipping up about certain things, stubborn, and gets very caught up in drama.

She's afraid of the Holy Ones, the order of Angels that arrest and kill Demons that have done terrible things.

Food, oh does she like food, good books, video games where you play the demon and kill everyone, shopping for lots of lots of pretty clothes, eating all the food she can, and working at coffee shops, food, coffee, and oh, did I say food?

Not having any food, ugly clothes, books with no real plot, boring uneventful video-games, and terrible coffee.

Driving force:
To live a comfy life and finding the perfect brooding boy.

Playing video games, shopping, reading, eating, and making coffee.

Pet Peeves:
Sloppy demons who just leave the corpses out in the open instead of using everything for food, scavenger demons, and of course demons who likes to pretend they are of high-ranks.

What they are looking for in a boy/girlfriend:
She's really not looking for someone this moment would love to meet someone she could have fun with and be normal.

What they are not looking for in a boy/girlfriend:
Someone sloppy and nasty.

Describe your character in three words:
Super crazy...human?

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?:
A gate opening key and foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

If your character could change anything about themselves, what would they change?:
The fact that she is from a high ranking family.

Your character opens their fridge; what do they see?:
Lots and lots of food, there so much it barely all fits in the fridge.

*When she is going to eat a soul she calmly says to the person, "Hello, I'm here to steal your soul."
Her voice sounds like this just a bit lower.
Her Voice, remeber! Lower:
Demon Love Song:

Face claim-
Yuina Wakura from Hanasaku Iroha

Voice claim-
Cherami Leigh as Sunako Kirishiki from Shiki

Theme song/Love song:
Don't stop by Foster the people (Theme Song)
Marionette by Antonia (Love Song)
Heart attack by Demi Lavato (2nd Love Song)
Sarcasm by Get Scared (Demon Love Song)
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PostSubject: Re: Arsuna Leckerman   Arsuna Leckerman EmptySat Jun 28, 2014 10:07 pm

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Arsuna Leckerman
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